Size: 60 in. × 48 in. (5 ft. x 4 ft.)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Cost: $6,200 Purchase

One thinks of a forest and its rivers and streams as being a limited palette of green and brown, but I see so much more.  Brown is too mundane for my forests.  To me, God has graced us with a buffet of color to ingest and savor.  The fluorescents of fall: pulsating yellow lichens clinging to pine boughs, hot pink needles underneath; the white bark of the Aspen against the crimson and scarlet of fall’s vine maples variegated with deep magenta and purples; the mauves of winter.  Come spring and summer the colors of new life burst forth: vivid lime greens, brilliant emeralds, and brilliant cadmiums anchored by the cools of phthalo green, turquoise deep and the almost black of dioxazine purple in the forest’s depth.